The first and easiest check is to check that all the lights are functioning while ensuring there are no cracked or faded lenses. Don’t forget the indicators and number plate lights, and if the car has fog lights they must be working as well. Check the brake lights by recruiting a friend to step on the pedal while you watch. Headlight bulbs are a cheap fix and can be bought for as little as $12 sometimes, with indicator/blinker and tail light bulbs starting at around $10 for a set. Instructions on how to change these should be in your car’s owner manual. This isn’t even considering spot lights or LED light bar rules.


Check for Warning lights on the dash board such as engine, ABS, Brake or any other warning lights, make sure the battery clamp is on and tight that all doors open and shut from both inside and outside, that all windows work all the way up and down and that there is washer fluid in the washers and all seat belts work and are not cut or frayed Make sure no Oil or Coolant leaks onto the ground or Exhuast


Worn tyres are another common failure. Ensuring they’re in good condition will not only increase your safety on the road but will also help reduce the overall running costs. Roadworthy tyres must have a tread depth of at least 1.5mm and be free from cracks. All vehicles have a different maximum rim and tyre size and can’t pertrode past the vehicle gard.


Any cracks or stone chips in the windscreen may cause a fail result ask a windscreen repairer or a AIS inspector before booking in Replacing cracked or old windscreen wiper blades will also help you avoid failing a rego inspection. Regardless of weather conditions, it’s crucial to have clear vision of the road and new windscreen wiper blades will help keep your windscreen clean. From as little as $15, you can do this simple check and replace if need be with basic tools.


At this point, you should look over the car for rust as anything that breaks the paint’s surface or creates a bubble in the duco may cause a fail Ask a AIS Inspector before or while you are booking in.


Keep an ear out for increased noise levels from your exhaust because this may indicate a leak, which can also lead to failing an inspection. See an exhaust shop before your inspection if you think there is a leak.



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