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RMS Survey

RMS would like to ask anyone receiving a Mobile Rego Inspection to take a quick survey of how it went

MPS Examiner's

RMS list of Mobile Pink Slip Examiners and there phone number.

MPS Check list

This is a quick check list to see if you are ready for your Mobile Rego Inspection

NSWRego Android App

Android App on Google Play for NSWRego has all information this Website has and a bit more.

Download your Paperwork

How to use
To download a copy of your inspection data type you rego number and last 4 of your vin number into the text box and then click Submit.
leave no spaces and only numbers and Lowercase letters.

Example if my rego plate is car.123 and the last 4 digits of my vin number are 7823 then i would enter " car1237823 " then click Submit.

Please note that any combination will load a link to click on but there will be nothing to download.

any problems use the Contacts form in the More menu link,and remember only lowercase and numbers with no spaces.

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The fee for the pink slip will remain the same for a light vehicle $42,Gas vehicle $56, Motorcycle $23, Trailer with no brakes $21, Trailer with brakes $23. An Examiner cannot charge more than the above amounts for the inspection. A call out/travel fee will be charged by the examiner as long as it's separate to the inspection fee and clearly explained/negotiated in advance with the customer.
A list of providers is available by selecting the Locate Examiner tab at the top of this page,find the Examiner in you area and then agree to the combined inspection and callout fee, identify a safe and suitable area for the inspection and a suitable time for the inspection.
You can arrange a time and location that suits you. For example, your vehicle could be inspected at your workplace, at home or where your caravan is stored, as long as the inspection site is safe and suitable.
No. If your vehicle requires repairs in order to pass inspection, you are free to book this work with any suitably qualified service provider. If any defects are identified in the first inspection, the necessary repairs are to be carried out within 14 days and a second inspection will follow.
Roads and Maritime has developed a robust compliance plan. We will monitor mobile inspection activities for a proportion of vehicles; for example, tracking where brake tests are conducted, and checking that inspection locations were suitably assessed. A proportion of vehicles will also be randomly inspected by Roads and Maritime staff to ensure the inspection report reflects the vehicle.