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Mobile Vehicle registration Services

The NSW Mobile Pink slip trial has been extended to 30 September 2020, giving more service providers and customers in NSW the opportunity to participate.
To see available inspectors select the Locate Examiner link Tab above or if on the Central Coast use the make an appointment button, or call me.
We are the leading Mobile and Workshop registration business servicing customers around the Central Coast.
All rego inspections are performed by highly qualified mechanics, we have 2 out of the 60 Authorised Inspectors in NSW allowed to carry out Mobile inspections on the road.

The trial has been further expanded to test its operation in regional areas the new trial areas include Tamworth, Port Macquarie and Southern Highlands.
Before booking in for a fixed site or mobile rego inspection, check your vehicle out yourself and fix anything you can before it’s inspected, below are some handy tips to guide you.

The first and easiest check is to check that all the lights are functioning while ensuring there are no cracked or faded lenses. Don’t forget the indicators and number plate lights, and if the car has fog lights they must be working as well. Check the brake lights by recruiting a friend to step on the pedal while you watch. Headlight bulbs are a cheap fix and can be bought for as little as $12, with indicator/blinker and tail light bulbs starting at around $10 for a set. Instructions on how to change these should be in your car’s owner manual.


Check for Warning lights on the dash board such as engine, ABS, Brake or any other warning lights, make sure the battery clamp is on and tight that all doors open and shut from both inside and outside, that all windows work all the way up and down and that there is washer fluid in the washers and all seat belts work and are not cut or frayed. Make sure no Oil or Coolant leaks onto the ground or Exhaust


Worn tyres are another common failure. Ensuring they’re in good condition will not only increase your safety on the road but will also help reduce the overall running costs. Roadworthy tyres must have a tread depth of at least 1.5mm and be free from cracks. All vehicles have a different maximum rim and tyre size and can’t protrude past the vehicle gard.


Any cracks or stone chips in the windscreen may result in a failer, ask a windscreen repairer or a AIS inspector before booking in. Replacing cracked or old windscreen wiper blades will also help you avoid failing a rego inspection. Regardless of weather conditions, it’s crucial to have clear vision of the road and new windscreen wiper blades will help keep your windscreen clean. From as little as $15, you can do this simple check and replace if need be with basic tools.


At this point, you should look over the car for rust as anything that breaks the paint’s surface or creates a bubble in the duco may cause a fail Ask an AIS Inspector before or while you are booking in.


Keep an ear out for increased noise levels from your exhaust because this may indicate a leak, which can also lead to failing an inspection. See an exhaust shop before your inspection if you think there is a leak.


Did you know that your car needs an oil change every 10000 to 15000 km? We can change it in no time, with any oil of your selection, be it conventional or a synthetic one... We guarantee that oil quality will get your car going for many years more!


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The fee for the pink slip will remain the same for a light vehicle $42,Gas vehicle $56, Motorcycle $23, Trailer with no brakes $21, Trailer with brakes $23. An Examiner cannot charge more than the above amounts for the inspection. A call out/travel fee will be charged by the examiner as long as it's separate to the inspection fee and clearly explained/negotiated in advance with the customer.
A list of providers is available by selecting the Locate Examiner tab at the top of this page,find the Examiner in you area and then agree to the combined inspection and callout fee, identify a safe and suitable area for the inspection and a suitable time for the inspection.
You can arrange a time and location that suits you. For example, your vehicle could be inspected at your workplace, at home or where your caravan is stored, as long as the inspection site is safe and suitable.
No. If your vehicle requires repairs in order to pass inspection, you are free to book this work with any suitably qualified service provider. If any defects are identified in the first inspection, the necessary repairs are to be carried out within 14 days and a second inspection will follow.
Roads and Maritime has developed a robust compliance plan. We will monitor mobile inspection activities for a proportion of vehicles; for example, tracking where brake tests are conducted, and checking that inspection locations were suitably assessed. A proportion of vehicles will also be randomly inspected by Roads and Maritime staff to ensure the inspection report reflects the vehicle.

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